Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Emergency, Stat - Author Cheryl Wood on Wine About Books

"A powerful and inspiring quick read that empowers women to pursue their passion, step into their purpose, and live up to their fullest potential in life. The 45-Day Guide to Empowered Living section of the book provides 45 days of empowerment tips for successful living to help women become more motivated, enthusiastic, and focused in life. Each empowerment tip includes space for journaling to write your personal thoughts of how you implemented the tip for the day and how you intend to implement the tip in the future." Amazon.com
There are no words to describe this book completely.  Cheryl Wood has taken life's lessons and formulated them into words that we can all relate to, understand and use to move us forward. "How I Flatlined and Woke Up in 45 Days" as a title speaks volumes to what so many of us are and have endured to get to the place of purpose. I evoke you all to get this book, read it and complete the daily writings it incorporates. I love the setup and how it encourages to put it on paper.
Join us on Tuesday, March 22, 2011, at 9 p.m. EST as Cheryl will share her inspiration to write the book, her unique and gifted coaching style and her advice and empowering messages to us all. Follow the link below to join the show.  "See" you there.


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