Monday, February 21, 2011

Beverly Black Johnson joins us on Wine About Books

Beverly Black Johnson conceived Gumbo for the Soul Publications in November 2003. She originally wanted to produce strictly inspirational anthologies but the concept lacked depth and originality. "I needed something that addressed the concerns of the community", commented Ms. Johnson. "I remembered how some of our church youth struggled to read, and the child held back a grade that used to come over after school with my kids to study at our kitchen table. When I looked into the literacy problems that plaqued our youth, I found an alarming 50% high school drop-out rate!" Beverly redirected her plans aiming the vision's focus on literacy. It didn't take long to realize Gumbo's first of a series of anthologies that would speak to the concerns of the community. Focusing on humanitarian issues like education, health and spiritual wellness, Gumbo for the Soul Publications is paving its own path having released three books with several more underway. Enlightening the community is one of Beverly's many passions shared through informative and interactive community 

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Author Roy Glenn heats up the seen on Wine About Books

 Known as the master of urban suspense, Roy Glenn is the author of Killing Them Softly, An Erotic Tale of Murder, Commit To Violence, Three The Hard Way, and Is It a Crime, which became a best seller and gave birth to the popular character, Mike Black.

The novels that followed which include MOB, Drug Related, Payback, Outlaw, In A Cold Sweat, and No More Tears in the End. Roy is also a contributing author of Girls From da Hood and Around the Way Girls 4 and Gigolos Get Lonely Too. His other novels include Crime of Passion, Body of Evidence and Ulterior Motive feature the character, attorney Marcus Douglas.
Roy was born and raised in The Bronx and currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida where he is working on several projects including The Cost of Vengeance, Beneath The Surface, Out of Control, and Secrets of War, the next three installments in The Mike Black Saga. And Going Down; An Erotic Tale of Murder and The Kimberley Process.