Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dr. Pam Love Manning On Wine About Books

"I Want My Vagina Back" is such a timely book because it propels us to a level of comfort, awareness and much needed sobriety to authentically dialogue about our vaginas without fear of ignorance. The more we learn, respect and cherish our vaginas, the more we can teach others to value our vaginas as well." Sharon D. Jones-Eversley, DrPH, Relevant Solutions, CEO, Townson University, Assistant Professor

As of this moment, I still have not gotten through the book because every message and story seems to touch me in such a personal way, I have to stop and ponder on each story. The title set me aback but the message in the book has started a healing process for me. A healing I had not realized I needed. "I Want My Vagina Back" sets into motion the thoughts of how do I heal from men I have allowed to take it. Since I was never able to really discuss it with anyone and my girlfriends and closest friends did not know to do with theirs either, we were all running around talking about what we did with them, not the effects of what happened to it afterwards and the continual ripple of effects it is still having in us today.

"Supposedly, we are trained to clean our vagina, keep it smelling fresh, and shave or wax the area surrounding it. Others are taught to intoxicatingly open and close it to control people and manipulate circumstances. Sisters live their lives spiritually, emotionally and psychologically detached from their vaginas."

Join me on Thursday, March 9, 2011, 9:00 p.m. EST as we share time with the gifted and talented writer of this phenomenon, Dr. Pam Love Manning, author of "I Want My Vagina Back". "It's more than a book. It's a movement" 

"I Want My Vagina Back" with Dr. Pam Love Manning on Wine About Books.

Wine About Books, "A sweet connection of literature to the vine."

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